I want to write all that is unwritable

Has the middle calls become so emotionally dead, anythesticed by mundanity of the 9-5 working patterns and emotionally empty relationships that they are tuning into Radio 4 for their top up of emotional porn? I think so. Don’t get me wrong, I love Radio 4, nothing beats it for it mix of pseudo artistic and […]

The things we don’t say


There are few things worse than that feeling that people have an impression of you that isn’t true. For most this is a momentary silliness wiped away with a follow up emotion that tells us to not be so paranoid. This feeling I would say has a hidden truth in it; perhaps if we replace […]


Where we were before: However there is hope for the existentialist: Responsibility To be specific; Self-Responsibility. To reconcile ‘The Self’ as within. To do so is to accept ‘The Self’ live not on it’s own as the center of an individual’s internal universe. But that it lives in a harmony within the larger cosmos of […]


Where we were before: mental masterbation and becoming blocked “I am my own worst enemy” is a phrase that sums this dilemma up well, and one that I know all too well. Because the existentialist has made ‘The Self’ the object of conscious focus; it has externalized ‘The Self ‘, making it Other. Ironic right? […]


Where we were before: The existentialists big lie about Freedom Unfortunately for the existentialist; by placing ‘The Self’ at the center of one’s reality one makes ‘The Self’ the sole object of one’s attention. Most postmodernists do this to some extent, Existentialists however do this to the extreme. Where ‘The Self’ is the sole focus […]


In a society in postmodern flux, with job insecurity and exorbitant house prices the norm, it can feel that the only stable bolt-hole is not the external world; that is the focus of modernist, but instead the internal world; within oneself. This is roughly the gist of existentialist writing. But for anyone who has read […]

let’s see if this works testing testing 123  

There are many things I don’t know and even more thing it seems that I have to remind myself of on a daily basis. The obvious things like: